About Us

The Sun Country Mustang Club (SCMC), founded September 18, 1991, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the preservation, enjoyment and usage of 1964 ½ to present Ford Mustangs, Shelbys and Mercury Cougars. We are a club for all people. Do not be concerned if your car is not in show condition, most important of all is the enthusiasm and fellowship you gain by meeting folks with a common interest.

Members receive the monthly newsletter "The Galloping Gazette" which is published and mailed to all members. The newsletter highlights information on club activities, shows and other events of interest throughout the Northwest as well as technical tips and automotive trivia.

The club is government by a constitution.


General Meetings:
4th Wednesday of every month - February-November
Magic’s Pizza, Selah, 7:00pm

Board Meetings:
3rd Wednesday of every month
Velda's home, 7:00pm

Club Activities

Some of the activities enjoyed by members include participation in:

  • car tours
  • car shows
  • parades
  • breakfast runs
  • picnics
  • delivering Easter & Thanksgiving baskets
  • driving high school royalty at various high school homecoming events
  • annual Christmas party
  • annual January banquet
  • Annual “Ponies in the Sun” car show - held every September at Sarg Hubbard park in Yakima, Washington

2017 Club Officers

Mark Sires, President m.sires@charter.net (509) 901-9350
Robert Bolich, Vice President RobertBolich2@gmail.com (509) 307-1225
Mary Clark, Secretary mustangs1968@ymail.com (509) 250-0963
David Mitts, Treasurer dmmitts@gmail.com (509) 494-3210
John Mertell, Alternate Board Member jmertell51@gmail.com (509) 731- 2831
Velda Welch, Past President veldajeanwelch@aol.com (509) 697-7891


Doris Humann, Membership hdhumann@centurylink.net (509) 877-2276
Opal Duffield, Hospitality dennyopal@msn.com (509) 452-5809
Claud Johnson, Newsletter Editor claudcc@q.com (509) 307-6421
David Mitts, Car Show Chair dmmitts@gmail.com (509) 494-3210
Velda Welch, Phone Committee veldajeanwelch@aol.com (509) 697-7891
Jan Anderson, Sunshine Person classycuts1@live.com (509) 469-3339
Mark Sires, Website Administrator m.sires@charter.net (509) 901-9350
Lance Sontag, Club Historian lsunday1@charter.net (509) 388-6047
Ray Fletcher, Activity Leader ray101abn@gmail.com (509) 306-0780


Sun Country Mustang Club was formed in 1991 by car enthusiasts to give owners of Mustangs, Shelbys and Cougars an opportunity to share their love of their vehicles.

Every year since, the club has organized the Ponies in the Sun car show in September. The proceeds of this show and our other fundraising efforts have been given to number of different charities over the years, including Children's Village, Memorial Hospital Hospice, Pegasus Project.

To raise funds the last few years, the club has also maintained the coffee stop at Indian John Hill rest stop on Interstate 90 outside Ellensburg.The club tries to get a weekend, but sometimes will have no choice but weekdays.

Giving Back to the Community

The club supports local charities that keep the money in the Yakima Valley area. The charities we currently support are geared more for youth and do a great job.

Children’s Wishes and Dreams

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