2024 Events

Summer Cruise Nights & Coffee Stops

  • Cars, Chrome and Coffee - Every Saturday at Yakima Coffee Company on Tieton Drive in front of Joanne's Fabrics. 7-9 am - April through November
  • Friday Night Cruises - Different "gathering spot" every month. Every Friday from 5-7 pm, from March through August.
  • Wednesday Night Cruises - Every second Friday through the summer and early fall. 5-7 pm. Different spot each time.
  • 2024 Cruise Yakima Ave - 2nd and 3rd Saturdays See dates below. No burn outs or racing. 6:00pm-10:00pm.


June 25 - Club Meeting - Round Table Pizza, 1300 No. 40th, Yakima 7:00pm

June 29 - Manny Imperial’s Farm Car show - Lateral A and W Wapato Rd


July 7 - Team Shelby PNW All Mustang and Shelby Car Show, Griot's Garage, Tacoma

July 13 - Cruise the Ave Nights in Downtown Yakima - 6-10pm

July 16 - Board Meeting at the Duffield’s home - 7:00pm

July 20 - Cruise the Ave Nights in Downtown Yakima - 6-10pm

July 23 - Club Meeting - Round Table Pizza, 1300 No. 40th, Yakima 7:00pm


August 1-4 - Vintiques NW Nationals 50th year, Yakima, WA

August 10 - Cruise the Ave Nights in Downtown Yakima - 6-10pm

August 17 - Cruise the Ave Nights in Downtown Yakima - 6-10pm

August 20 -Board Meeting at the Duffield’s home - 7:00pm

August 27 - Club Meeting - Round Table Pizza, 1300 No. 40th, Yakima 7:00pm


September 14 - Pony Trails, Yakima

September 14 - Cruise the Ave Nights in Downtown Yakima - 6-10pm

September 15 - "Ponies in the Sun" Car Show, Yakima

September 17 - Board Meeting at the Duffield’s home - 7:00pm

September 21 - Cruise the Ave Nights in Downtown Yakima - 6-10pm

September 24 - Club Meeting - Round Table Pizza, 1300 No. 40th, Yakima 7:00pm


October 6 - PNWMC Fall show - Prosser

October 15 - Board Meeting at the Duffield’s home - 7:00pm

October 22 - Club Meeting - Round Table Pizza, 1300 No. 40th, Yakima 7:00pm

October 26 - Yakima Training Center Fall Show 12-6 PM


November 19 - Club Meeting - Round Table Pizza, 1300 No. 40th, Yakima 7:00pm


December 14 - Christmas Party - Sun Country Estates Club House.  5 PM Social time, 6 PM dinner, 7 PM gift exchange


Past Events

Sun Country Mustang Club
Visit our Facebook page for more pictures showing our participation in great Central Washington car shows!


Props and Ponies 2013 (August 17)

Lonnie, Claude and Mark made it over to the west side for the 4th Annual Props and Ponies show at the Heritage Flight Museum. Mark attended the “cruise” on Friday, which was much tamer (slower) than in prior years, in large part due to a bicycle event using much of the same route on the scenic Chuckanut Drive along the coast. Safety concerns brought the ponies to a slow 10-15 MPH (and even a stop on occasion) on that twisty road. The bicycles separated the group and Mark took a wrong turn (along with the 10 cars behind him who followed) coming into Bellingham. Oh well, we eventually all got back together and continued winding up at the new venue this year at the Port of Skagit Airport. It was not nearly as cramped as the Bellingham Airport venue, but there were mixed reviews with some liking it and some missing the larger more busy airport. On the bright side, there was far more room so if the show is there again next year, there will be room for another 25 or 30 cars. As before, every car in the show got a professional picture taken with a pair of P51 Mustang aircraft.

Props and Ponies - 2013

There were 3 P51 Mustangs flying during the show, as well as an assortment of other WW2 and older vintage aircraft. The weather was over-cast, which was nice so it did not get too hot. This show had a lot of competition for the new cars, with less than a quarter of the 100 cars there being the classics (pre-73). Just some encouragement for some of you with classic cars to attend next year and take a trophy home!!! The competition among the newer cars was tight, with Mark barely getting a 1st in his class and Lonnie and Claude both being edged out by others.

View pictures of the 2013 Props and Ponies

Run to Roslyn (July 13th)

This is usually a fun show. It is an open car show, which means it is open to all makes of vehicles (there may be an age limit as to how new of car can be entered. For those of you with newer vehicles you might need to check their web page as to any restrictions.) This show is held on the grass in a very large park. They usually have raffle prizes, vendors, poker walk, and other games. The host club has their vehicles on display, but they are not voted on. The host club does all the voting, which gives you the opportunity to walk around and view the historic town of Roslyn (Roslyn was the setting of a television show based on a town in Alaska. Does anyone remember the name of the show or the factious town’s name?)

Belleview Car Show (July 18th – 21st)

This show should be on every member’s “bucket list” as a show to attend. On Thursday night (18th) they have something special planned, such as a dinner or a water cruise. On Friday (19th) there is usually a Pony Trails. At one time, and it might still be, the largest pony trails in the nation. On Saturday (20th) there is a car show in which the cars are judged by The Mustang Club of America standards. There are different categories so your Mustang does not have to be concourse correct to be judged. On Sunday (21st), this is a very large “regular” car show except for the fact that there might be 1,500 cars present.

Every year is different so please check the web page and again do yourself a favor and put in on your bucket list.

Mustangs on the Waterfront (July 28th)

This show is in beautiful Port Orchard, WA. You end up parking overlooking the bay. In the past they take a picture of you and your car as you arrive (so try to have you car cleaned up some prior to your arrival). This photo has been used in the past as being mounted on any trophy you might win. If you don’t happen to win a trophy you are given this picture to keep. The host group use to vote, but they don’t do that anymore. Usually the older Mustangs are parked on one side of the parking area and the newer Mustangs are parked on the other (two different sound systems, one with the oldies playing and one with some of the newer songs playing). Poker walk in the downtown businesses is enjoyable and they are glad to have you around.

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.

Richland Car Show

Six of our club members made the trip to Richland for the 33rd annual Spring Mustang show at Howard Aman Park on Sunday May 26. It is put on by Pacific North West Mustang Club. Those attending were Richard Rettig and his wife, Dave and Marci, Heinz and Doris, Ray, Lance, and Jeff. One other club Walla Walla, I think, had more members attending. The Richland club put on a good show as usual. They honored veterans with a color guard and the National Anthem.

The weather didn't cooperate very well. It rained all through the show until about an hour before the awards were presented. Then the sun broke through and it warmed up some.

Four of our six Mustangs won awards. Those winning were Ray, Richard, Heinz and Doris, and Lance. Dave and Jeff got beaten, but they were up against some very stiff competition. There were 12 very nice cars in Jeff's class and several in Dave's class, one of which was a 2013 Cobra. So our club can be proud of our winners and even the losers, too. I think everyone enjoyed the show, despite the poor weather. Contribution from Jeff

Cruise for Hospice in Ellensburg; June 1st

Lance, Doug and Amy attended this show. It is mostly for the hot rods, but it was for a good cause. The town closes off two blocks of their downtown area and the cars and people looking at them have the run of these streets. The show is also combined with the Ellensburg Farmers’ Market. It was a nice day with just enough wind to keep the temperature just right.

Club March Cruse-In - Peppermint Stick

Text Box:  There was a good turn out for our first scheduled cruise in held at Peppermint stick in Union Gap. The wind had blown all day, but it finally died down a little in the evening for the event. It was still too cool to spend any time outside with the cars so we enjoyed our time together inside with our choice of refreshments. New members, Steven and Carolyn Redmond were in attendance.


Vintage Valley Run - October 21st - Zillah, WA

Vintage Valley Run - October 21st - Zillah, WASunday morning Oct. 21, I woke to 25 degrees in Yakima. Richard Rettig and I met in Union Gap and headed to Zillah. Before we got there we saw in our mirrors, Dave Mitts and Lance Sontag. They must have felt sorry for us because they didn't pass us. LOL Before long, Lonnie Epperson, Dave Hawkins, and Jason and Tracy Ratliff showed up. So we wound up with 6 cars there. It was 10 O'clock before the sun melted the frost off the park grass. But then the day warmed nicely and it became a very nice fall day. The little park made for a great place for a show. There were some very nice cars at this show. One was a 1920 Maxwell that was really nice. We ended up with 3 show winners. Can you guess who they were? One picture might help! Lastly, there were a number of cash door prizes and several of us won those.   View photos

26th Annual Concours d' Elegance - October 7, 2012

26th Annual Concours d' Elegance - October 7, 2012On Sunday, October 7, 2012, a bunch of us went to the PACIFIC NORTHWEST MUSTANG CLUB’s 26th Annual Concours d' Elegance at the Columbia Crest Winery in Paterson, Washington. It was a great day and although a little cool first thing in the morning, the rest of the day turned out really nice. There were 171 cars and other vehicles at the show. We were able to field 13 cars from our club, but still were not the largest club in attendance, as the Mustang Wranglers from Oregon had 15 cars. In attendance with their cars were Jeff Waidner and his 65 Coupe, Judy Mangum and her 65 coupe, Bill Hinman and his 68 convertible, David & Audrey Haynes and their 67 coupe, Richard & Vicki Rettig and their 70 Boss 302, Fred & Kathy Miles and their 69 coupe, Harold & Mary Clark and their 67 fastback, Lonnie Epperson and Amelia Epperson and their 89 fastback, Lance Sontag and his 02 GT coupe, David Hawkins and 9? coupe, Ray Fletcher and his 05 GT convertible, David and Marcy Mitts and their 07 Shelby, and Mark Sires and his Roush P51. We did well on pulling trophies. Jeff took 3rd with his little blue Mustang coupe (with Bull’s Eye riding shotgun), Bill took 1st with his red convertible, Richard took 1st with his Orange Boss 302 (after having a bit of a hard luck day getting to the show), Lonnie took 3rd with this blue Fox body, Lance took 3rd with his white GT Baron, Ray took 3rd with his convertible, Mark took second with his Roush, and finally Harold and Mary took 1st with the Yellow 67 (even if it had no seat and Harold drove it in sitting on a pillow). Competition was fierce, with Jeff, Harold & Mary, Ray, and Mark all having 8 or more cars in their class. As always, the winery grounds were a great place of the show and a good time seemed to have been had by all (with a little help from the wine tasting room!!!).

Props and Ponies 2012 Heritage Flight Museum Bellingham Airport

Props and Ponies 2012 Heritage Flight Museum Bellingham AirportAnnual fundraising event hosted by Heritage Flight Museum, featuring Ford Mustangs and North American P51 Mustang! Mission: Celebrate "the car that changed the way we drive, and the aircraft that changed the course of a war”, and raise funds for the Heritage Flight Museum.

This year, Mark and Claude (PNWMC) attended the Props and Ponies show in Bellingham. Mark went over for the Friday Cruise, which started on the Mukilteo Ferry over to Whidbey Island. After the driver’s meeting on the ferry, the cruise took off zigzagging up the Island and eventually ending at the Heritage Flight Museum in Bellingham. As before, the pace was brisk. Along the way, the group stopped at Fort Casey and arrangements had been made to drive the Mustangs right down to the shore batteries to have a photo op under one of the big guns. On Saturday, the show was great. This year there were 3 flying P-51 WW2 aircraft. However, unlike past years, there were not as many other types of WW1, WW2, and Korean war vintage aircraft. There was a British Spitfire and a Douglas A-1 Skyraider gunship. One of the WW1 bi-planes started up for a bit, but the weather was not good enough for it to fly. In fact, the weather precluded most of the morning flights. But, the brisk wind and morning fog felt good after the heat on Friday. In the show, Claude ended up taking 1st place in the GT500 class and Mark took 1st place in the Roush Class. Overall, it was a great show with lots of nice cars and the setting on the airport tarmac was great. View photos

Upper Valley Rally Open Car Show - July 21, 2012

Upper Valley Rally Open Car Show The 1st annual Sun Country Mustang Club Show & Shine at Naches was a success! The club met at Bi-mart at 8:30 am and followed Al Brown of the Yakima Greenway to the beginning of the west 3-mile stretch of the Greenway path that ends in Naches. The PT Cruiser Club had offered to help us with the show so we let them follow BEHIND us down the pathway. Normally cars are not allowed access to the Greenway but because we were hosting the Show & Shine we were given special privilege. We had about 20 cars participate in the cruising of the pathway.

The cars then lined up in down town Naches on both sides of the creek under some big old shade trees and kicked off the beginning of the Show & Shine. We had 40 cars total, not bad for a first time event. There were food vendors and Apple Bin Races to entertain during the show. Awards were given at 2:00 pm. There were five categories, four voted by participants and one awarded by the Mayor’s appointee.

The Upper Valley Rally was a first time event created by the Naches Valley Chamber of Commerce, The Yakima Greenway and the Town of Naches. The purpose was three fold; to bring awareness of the effort to complete the Greenway Path from Naches to 40th Ave., to entice spectators and participants to come see what Naches and their businesses have to offer and to have a great time doing all the above!

The three entities mentioned above would like to thank the Sun Country Mustang Club for stepping up and helping make our 1st Annual Upper Valley Rally a success. I would like to especially thank Lance Sontag for running the show; we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here is the list of winners: Best Paint - Mike Mastel, Best Wheels -Alex Vimont, Best Interior - Ray Fletcher (SCMC Member), Best of Show & The Mayor's Award - Ben & Dave Barrett. View photos

Cruizin for Hospice Ellensburg 6-2-12Cruizin for Hospice Ellensburg 6-2-12

Lance, Mark & Lyndon convoyed up to Ellensburg on 6-1-12 for the Cruizin for Hospice show in downtown Ellensburg. We had a smaller group this year than in past years. Plus the overall show attendance appeared to be down from what it had been the last few years too. Still, it was a good show, despite the wind… but then the wind is kind-of expected in Ellensburg.  The farmer’s market offered some things to look at besides the cars, and there was a lot of foot traffic moving through car show. Mark took the Hospice’s Choice trophy with the 2008 Roush P-51 Mustang. View photos

PNWMC Memorial Weekend Show in Richland 5-27-12PNWMC Memorial Weekend Show in Richland 5-27-12

Another great show with a fair turn-out for the 32nd Annual Pacific Northwest Mustang Club’s Memorial Day show in Richland at Howard Amon Park. SCMC tied with the Pierce County Mustang Club for most club cars at a show. Both clubs both fielded 7 cars. The weather was great and we all had a good time. 4 of us convoyed down together. EVERY CAR FROM SCMC GOT A TROPHY!!! Starting by class (oldest first), Jeff took 3rd in the 65 Couple class, Dave and Audrey took 3rd in the 76-68 Coupe class, Mark took 2nd in the 69 to 73 hard top (coupe and sport roof) class, Richard took 3rd in the 69-71 Boss & Mach 1 class, Ray took 2nd in the 2005-09 Convertible class, Dave took 3rd in the 2005-09 Shelby class, and Mark took 1st in the 87 to current Specialty Conversion Class. There was a lot of competition, with about 138 cars in the show. Josh Dykes (owner of Legacy Ford) brought all 4 of his Boss Mustangs… Including 1 or 1 of the 2012 Boss 302 Patriot and a very rare 1970 Boss 429, plus his 1969 & 70 Boss 302! Of course, all 4 were Orange. Claude gave a nice memorial to Carroll Shelby, and let us not forget the honor paid to the men and women who served this great country! View photos

Selah Community Days 2012 Festival - Parade – May 19

Selah Community Days 2012 Festival - ParadeThe weather was great, they turn-out spectacular, and the organization… well, there was some confusion on letting cars in the parade into the parade staging area, but considering we had a new area that we were lining up in this year, it was not too bad. Over all, it was a great day with a great turn-out, both Mustangs and the crowd were out in force. We ended up with 14 Mustangs in the parade, including some new prospective club members. Richard and his 1970 Boss 302 Orange Sport-roof took 1st place in the Parade. Mark, with his 2008 Roush P-51 took second and Dave with his 2007 Shelby took 3rd. All the cars were looking clean and nice. Ray, Virgil, and Velda hauled Yakima County Royalty in their convertibles. A special thanks to the three of you for letting the girls sit on the back of your cars!!! We looked good and I think were the largest car group in the parade (where were those PT cruisers???). They might have been there somewhere, but I did not see them. J Thank you to everyone who participated! We had a great mix of cars, from the classics to the late models. View photos

Zillah Spring Fling - April 28, 2012

Zillah Spring FlingWe had seven cars meet at K-mart, include Claud from the PNWMC. Ray F, Dave and Marcy M, Lance S, Jeff W, Richard R, and Mark S from the club were part of the convoy down. Leroy Dukes also came to the show separately. The weather was great and the Zillah show enjoyed their highest turnout ever, with about 120 cars and motorcycles entered. Several members of the club won door prizes. Richard took first place in the American Muscle class and in the Modern Muscle class, Mark took 1st and Claud took 2nd place trophies. Overall, a very nice day! View photos

Central WA Custom Cars & Cycle Show, Yakima - March 11, 2012



Central WA Custom Cars & Cycle Show, Yakima - March 11, 2012

Richard Rettig’s car at the show, held at the Yakima Convention Center.


25th Annual Concours d' Elegance Car Show - October 2, 2011

This is just a short clip of the great entertainment provided at the 25th Annual Concours d' Elegance Car Show held on October 2, 2011 at the Columbia Crest Winery in Paterson WA. Hosted by the Pacific Northwest Mustang Club. It is among one of the best cars shows held in region.

Ponies in the Park / Mustangs West September 25, 2011Ponies in the Park / Mustangs West September 25, 2011

Mark attended this show and took 3rd place in the Roush Specialty Class (P51s, Trac-Packs, Black Jacks, etc). Due to the 5th Annual NW Roush Owners GTG, completion was steep! The other Roush P51 took 2nd, and a Roush Black Jack took first.  This was a very nice car show with more than 200 cars. However, the weather was not cooperative. It was raining when I got up, raining in the morning, then some sun mid-morning, but it was pretty much wind and rain after 11 AM. At times the rain coming down hard!. But, over a nice Mustang show in a nice park setting.

Great Video from Stang Nation Ford Mustang cruise to the Heritage Flight Museum - Bellingham, WA (Props and Ponies Day 1). Organized and produced by

5th Annual NW Roush Owners GTG September 24, 20115th Annual NW Roush Owners GTG September 24, 2011

I’ve never seen so many Roush’s together, much let watching the people watch us as the Pony Trails Poker Run would around Lacy, Olympia, Tumwater and then all the way out to Aberdeen where 5 Star Ford hosted a nice BBQ for us. The run included a photo op at the State Capital. Plus, there was some twisty windy back county roads where the ponies got to stretch there legs a bit… not too much, but enough to hear a few superchargers wind up.

2011 American Legion Post #133 Open Car Show September 10th. "Show 'n Shine"

It was a very nice day with the sun shining and a great mix of cars including about a half-dozen cars from the low-riders club. Total of 96 cars in the event

Club members that attended were: Fred, Richard and Jeff. Fred and Richard took home a "Best in Class" Trophy.